This past month, Eric Ligman was able to work with SmarterSpace Storage to construct a Class A self-storage facility with state-of-the-art security features at 6589 S. W. Archer Road. With the deal being conducting in June 2020, the new storage facility will provide an online rental option and digital key technology for their users.

Erik Hensen, the developer for this project commented on his work with Eric Ligman. 

“Overall, everything was great,” said Hensen.”It was a very complicated sale with over 14 members and required a lot of work on Eric’s as well as my part to get it to closing.”

According to SmarterStorage, the facility will feature “24-hour digital surveillance, complete with an AI enhanced monitoring system by OpenTech Alliance to stop break-ins before they happen” and will allow for tenant’s to use their smartphones to control access to their units and to share access with friends or family members.  The new storage facility will be the first in Gainesville with this level of technology and will feature over 700 units and have parking spaces for boats and RVs, taking up nearly 100,000 square feet worth of land. 

“I feel great about my work with Eric and will be working with him in the future,” said Hensen. 

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