“Eric clarified everything and got it all fixed and helped it to run really smoothly” said Asse.

Carly Asse, local business owner of Zen Fitness, has decided to relocate after over twelve years of business. Zen fitness, started in Gainesville in 2008, is a local business dedicated to providing the best personal training to the local Gainesville community. Eric Ligman, commercial realtor, has helped Carly Asse to find his original property back in 2008 and then find his second property, that will be located at Hale Plantation, today.

“Ive been looking for a place for a while and Eric found me a really good spot,” said Asse. He found what would be the best spot for my business, a really good location.”

Asse is excited about the future of the building as instead of renting his property, he’ll now have the opportunity to own it while making the same payments.

“It’s going to be much better,”  said Asse. “The payments are going to be the same, but its right by Publix so they’re be more foot traffic”

“I’ve always been happy with Eric,” said Asse. “I’ve always used him for commercial real estate and I’ll continue to use him in the future.”