The American Society for the Prevention of the Cruelty of Animals, more commonly referred to as ASPCA, has recently relocated to a new location on 8th Avenue where they can enjoy a larger, newly renovated and retrofitted location.

“This was an amazing experience working with the ASPCA” said Eric Ligman, the tenant rep for this transaction with the ASPCA. “This project, however, goes beyond just real estate which makes it one of my personal top tenet clients. I am immensely proud to have been able to help an organization that works with sensitive issues like animal cruelty and dog fighting in our very own community.”

However, many are unaware of the ASPCA’s true impact even within Gainesville’s own community where many participate in dog fighting regardless of background.

“We’ve done raids where school teachers, nurses and even vet techs have been arrested,” Tim Rickey, vice president of ASPCA Field Investigations and Response said to the Gainesville Sun.

For example, just two years ago, the ASPCA in Gainesville helped to remove and aid over 100 animals caught in animal fighting and other related crimes.

According to the Gainesville ASPCA, they assisted with “evidence collection and the removal of seven dogs and approximately 100 roosters and hens as part of an animal cruelty and cockfighting investigation.”

“This issue, it goes beyond real estate,” said Eric Ligman. “I am glad to have supported such a great cause and hope to have the opportunity to work with the ASPCA again.”